Friday, October 09, 2009

The end before the new beginning

Every so often there is a point where you start over. A place where you begin again. It is never like the first time. Some things you can never recreate. A new look or a new idea can be a good thing. It is a chance to reconnet and grow. This is where I start again. In this place in time. Directions will change and ideas will shift. The things you know by looking back no longer exist as they once did. The reflections of things that came before may have no light on the things ahead.

As what I had before I let slip away. Forgotten in time and left as it was. While every new start is a chance to do better, not every start can go without end. With this I end what was and I begin what is new. A new path to a new light. A new direction with what I have.

Monday, March 16, 2009


When you think of logical thinkers, very few names ever come to mind. That is unless you know Kevin. He has a logical approach to everything even when there is not supposed to be a logical approach. This is most apparent when you see him interact with computers or related technology.

Many times you may see him perform very random or unusual actions only to later find out it was very calculated and very precise. Everything from driving, to monopoly, to interacting with his kids. You never know what to expect and that is exactly what he is counting on.