Sunday, February 06, 2005

How do you decide who you are online?

My favorite username was created by someone else. So are my passwords but that is different story. I was an intern at a software company and KevMar was the username they gave me. If you look at my name, you can easily see how they came up with it.

What I like the most about it is getting to use it. When I google for KevMar, I see myself on the main results page 3 times. If you were looking for me, then you are at the right place. If you are trying to figure out who I am, then you will have to dig a little deeper.

Chances are you either already know who I am or saw some comment I made that linked back here. Either way, you are welcome here any time.

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Kevin Marquette said...

I agree. My nickname came from a college buddy. My roommate was named Kevin also, and Marquette was too much to write. I became MQT - which I still use today with my other initials. . .